A look at Bluehost Hosting

Having been one of the forerunners of the hosting industry Bluehost offers more than just mere web hosting expertise. It brings veteran experience, unmatched technical know how and an outstanding service portfolio to the table. Unlike other web hosting services, Blue host always has its customers’ in mind when coming up with new hosting features and adopting new technologies. Every decision made by the company is tailored to suit customer needs and offer solutions for even the most complex web hosting requirements.

The company’s ever continuing strife to outdo its competitors has enabled it to adopt and develop some of the most innovative hosting technologies in the industry today. Subsequently, millions of web developers, companies and organizations around the world have chosen Bluehost as their preferred hosting provider. Some website owners are so impressed by the services and features offered by this web host that they attribute their entire websites success to them. Here are some of the reasons why you should join Bluehost.com.

Bluehost pricing – Bluehost offers some of the cheapest hosting packages on the planet. Packages can go as low as $2.95 per month (with the use of this Bluehost Coupon 2019) depending on the type of package you want and the duration you are willing to pay for. Amazingly, the cheap price does not compromise on the hosting quality you get. If anything, you get a better service compared to some atrociously expensive hosting services. For those who want to earn some extra cash, you can sign up for a reseller account or an affiliate program.

Unlimited features – Unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and domain hosting allows Blue host account holders to host as many websites as they wish on a single account. Account holders are not limited to the amount of data that they can upload onto their hosting accounts meaning that they can virtually put up as much data as they want onto their websites. You also get a domain name without any cost for the first year of hosting with bluehost. After the first year, you need to pay $15 per year. If you already own a domain, you may use that at the time of account setup. Renewals of domain names are cheaper at some other registrars like Godaddy than with Bluehost. Check out these Godaddy renewal coupons.

24/7 instant support – One of the reasons why Bluehost hosting is rated as one of the best web hosting services is their customer support team. Their highly qualified customer support team is always on hand to offer any needed assistance. Queries and customer issues are handled professionally, and each pending grievance is treated as top priority.

Security features – Bluehost features some of the best security tools in the industry. No loose ends are left untied and certainly no loopholes are left for prying eyes. Scripts that allow email encryption, password-protected directories and SSL connections between clients and the server are examples of measures put in place by Bluehost to safeguard data transfer. Get the best discount coupon a2hosting here.

Free e-commerce platforms – E-commerce platforms allow a user to integrate complex shopping cart applications onto their websites even without prior knowledge of server side or client side coding. Examples of the shopping carts offered include the Zen Cart, Cube Cart, and Agora shopping cart.

Incredible uptime – One of the most commendable features about Blue host hosting is their uptime. The company can guarantee an uptime of up to 99%. For those who may be skeptical about this, you can give them a try. If you are unsatisfied, you can get a refund since the company also offers a money-back guarantee. Another very reliable web host that guarantees 99.9% uptime is Siteground. They even refund to the customers if this uptime guarantee is not met. You can get discounts on their pricing using Siteground Promo Codes.

The only other web hosting providers that can match Bluehost’s service are Hostmonster and Hostpapa. Hostmonster is a sister company of Bluehost, while Hostpapa is one of its major competition company. You can avail the services of these web hosts at lowest prices using this Hostmonster Discount and Coupon Code Hostpapa.